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We're solving payment data to create better financial solutions

Partner banks & fintechs
And many more coming soon.
Active programs with retailers
In Spain, Italy & Germany.
In monthly payment volume for rewards
Growing fast since launching in July-21.
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On top of zizy.io's systems.
Our values

Beyond payment data

We care about our customers. Our team is here to help, please reach out!

Thinking long-term

We're just getting started. We're currently available with enrichment globally and automated rewards in Spain, Germany and Italy. New solutions and new countries coming very soon.

Getting it done

We have a multicultural team with experience in many different sectors. There's no challenge we'll shy away from!

Staying humble

We strive for perfection but we know things will not always be perfect. Please let us know if you have any feedback so we can keep improving.

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No integration required for retailers. Average for banks/fintechs: 15 days

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