Mastercard Rules: AN 4569

Ensure compliance with the criteria set forth by AN 4569 Revised Standards for Enriched Merchant Data, effective since October 2023.

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Enhanced Merchant Data, covering card transactions, bank transfers, and local payment schemes

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Additional features that we can provide

  1. Carbon footprint

  2. Categories and subcategories

  3. Subscriptions

  1. Fraud detection

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Reduction in Chargebacks

By avoiding misunderstandings due to confusing transaction data.

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Decrease in Customer Support

By making the correct brand name and logo available in mobile and web banking apps.

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Improvement in User Engagement

Users will increase their app usage with better data and it will also improve their overall satisfaction.

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Understanding customer spend

Gain valuable insights into customer spending for informed business and product decisions.

Comply with the Mastercard mandate AN 4569
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Increase your sales and build customer loyalty

Create reward programs for your customers within banking apps.

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