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We partner with innovative banks and fintechs

One API, multiple solutions

A unique ecosystem of products on top of transaction data and AI. Understand your customers, drive growth and increase retention.

Transaction enrichment

Enrich transaction data with the correct brand name and logo. Understand your customers better, provide a cleaner transaction feed and reduce chargebacks and support costs. We cover all payment methods.


Categorize transaction data automatically with 15 simple categories. Allow your customers to visualize their expenses and manage their money.


Detect recurring transactions. Allow your customers to analyze and block them in advance to save costs and reduce chargebacks.


For each purchase, receive the latitude, longitude, street address, zip code, city and country. Provide a better user interface and new location-based solutions.

Carbon footprint

Get the CO2 emissions of each transaction. Allow your customers to understand their environmental  impact and offset their carbon footprint.


Create automated and personalized reward solutions on top of transaction data. No links, no coupons; a seamless experience for your customers.

transactions enriched
partner banks and fintechs
worldwide coverage
payment volume in rewards

Create the future of finance

A simple API and dashboard to integrate in days, not months.

Greater accuracy

Our platform automates the process of transaction enrichment, saving you time and resources while providing you with more accurate and actionable data.

Engagement, loyalty, and retention

Rewards as a service solutions are highly flexible, allowing you to tailor rewards programs to meet the specific needs of your business and customers.

A simple API and dashboard

Straightforward documentation and support to help you integrate in days, not months.

We don't say so, they say so

“Triple's team has been very attentive to the evolution of the service, they are also proactive to improve results and share with us good analysis with the most important KPI's.”


“Triple stands out for his proactive attitude and attentiveness. The team is always proposing improvements and when we need to contact them they are always available at any time.”


“ Triple and his team have a very close relationship. We got a lot of clarity when we contracted the service and after we have had great data tracking through the reports.”

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No integration required for retailers. Average for banks/fintechs: 15 days

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