Payment Data Enrichment
Mireia Tomàs

Data Enrichment: Understanding How It Works

When you log into your banking app, the first thing you expect is everything to be in order. Within seconds, you want to have a clear view of your financial transactions. How many times have you logged in and found a transaction that doesn't seem to fit? Those situations breed insecurity, don't they? That's why having accurate information in our banking apps is crucial. As a financial institution offering digital products, it's essential to have tools that ensure the precise processing of transaction information and display it correctly to users.

In a world where accuracy and speed are key, having the right tool can make all the difference. Our data enrichment solution offers an efficient and precise way to process financial transaction information. Through the use of advanced technologies, our platform ensures the integrity and accuracy of data, enabling banks and technology stakeholders to easily integrate it.

Functionality of the Data Enrichment API

As mentioned earlier, solutions exist to remedy this problem. Our API allows you to extract valuable information from your financial data. What information can you display?


At the heart of our model lies the concept of brand representation, which signifies the counterpart associated with the transaction. Each brand comes with its own official identity and visual representation in the form of a logo.

Contact Details

We provide essential contact particulars, encompassing website URLs, phone numbers, and email addresses.


Transaction categorization stands as a pivotal aspect of data enrichment. We meticulously assign categories and subcategories. to each transaction from a standardized list, ensuring clarity and organization.


Transactions occurring at physical points of sale are accompanied by location details, encompassing coordinates and vendor addresses. However, online transactions do not qualify for location data.


Identifying recurring payments, we provide additional metadata related to subscriptions, facilitating streamlined management.

Payment Processor

Certain transactions are routed through intermediary entities known as Payment Processors. We recognize the prevalent ones, such as PayPal, Klarna, or Curve, furnishing their official names and logos.

Carbon Footprint

We conduct an extensive assessment of the carbon emissions footprint associated with each transaction, adhering to verified standards such as the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (NACE) and publicly available company data.


Triple operates seamlessly as a unified API, boasting a straightforward implementation process. Our API and dashboard can be effortlessly integrated within days, ensuring a swift setup.

Triple offers two distinct environments: sandbox and production. Each environment operates in isolation, featuring unique URLs for the API and dashboard, as well as separate databases.

SandboxDedicated to testing and development, the sandbox environment provides a secure space for integration trials. Users can safely experiment with various test data scenarios, supported by default information tailored to each product use case.

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