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Grow faster with automated payment driven events.

Our technology enables the creation of automatic rewards programs fully integrated into banking and fintech apps.

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For banks, fintechs & merchants

All your rewards in one place.

We simplify the way users can earn rewards for purchases, creating a unique experience for them.

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No links or complications

Users do not need to register, use a link or a coupon code. All they have to do is pay with their card as usual and enjoy the rewards

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Offers can have different variables depending on your needs and your targets.

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Better results

100% of the purchases count. You will get much better results than with affiliate marketing offers and generate more sales

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Simple API

We simplify the integration process with a simple and fully documented API and in a few days you will be ready to launch.

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Increase your sales and build customer loyalty

Create reward programs for your customers within banking apps.

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