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Reward your customers and grow faster with automated payment driven events.

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A complete solution for banks, fintechs and retailers.

Create rewards inside banking apps to leverage payment data for better experiences

Triple for banks & fintechs

Our API allows you to add unique automated cashback offers to your banking app.

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Triple for retailers

Our dashboard allows you to publish offers with our partner banking apps and track the results

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Why Triple?

Your customers will love it

No links or complications
Users do not need to register, use a link or a coupon code. All they have to do is pay with their card as usual and enjoy the rewards.
Better results
100% of the purchases count. You will get much better results than with affiliate marketing offers and generate more sales.
Useful data
Payment data allows you to understand your customer's purchase behaviour and track the real impact of your offers.
Offers can have different variables depending on your needs and your targets.
"Since we designed the cashback programme with Triple, we have seen sales increase by 20%."
Mario Sánchez
Marketing Communications Coordinator
"An incredible solution to increase our customer retention. Recommended."
David Riudor
Join the payment data revolution
with Triple

No integration required for retailers. Average for banks/fintechs: 15 days

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More than 50 brands already trust us and we have the support of the best banks and fintechs. Join now!
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