Enhance Merchant Data for Transactions

Comply with Mastercard's new AN 4569 rules

What is AN 4569?

AN 4569 are Mastercard's guidelines, reshaping merchant data presentation in payments for consistency and accuracy. Adoption offers growth and innovation opportunities but may require system updates and coordination.

Mastercard's New Rule: Enriched Payments & Implementation Date

Starting October 2023, all Mastercard issuers in Europe must provide enriched payment data to cardholders upon request. This includes merchant details like name, address, contact information, and logo, accessible through digital tools.

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Triple's Enhanced Merchant Data

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Brand name

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Brand logo

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Categories and subcategories

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Contact details and location

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Carbon footprint

A must-have for banks and fintechs

By enriching the data of your financial service, you will experience these benefits.

  • Improved security and fraud detection
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings
  • Improve risk management
  • Improve customer understanding

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